Conference Day 2

Day 2
Sunday, October 23, 2022

07:15 Breakfast and Registration
08:00 Presidential Address
Sarvesh Logsetty
08:45 Break
08:50 Mini Theme: Clinical Cases
Chairs: Sarvesh Logsetty & Lisa Forbes
08:50 3D printing technology and customizing ADL devices
Ben Badgero
09:10 Challenging clinical cases
Joshua Wong
09:30 Frostbite. The tip of the iceberg
Sarvesh Logsetty
09:50 Break
10:00 Mini Theme: Frailty and Burns in the Elderly
Chairs: Marc Jeschke & Kenneth Rockwood
10:00 “Caring for an aging population. What do we need to know about frailty”
Kenneth Rockwood
10:30 “Burn surgery in the elderly: optimizing patients before and after surgery”
Alisa Savetamal
10:55 Nutrition in Elderly
Carole Thompson
11:05 Panel discussion with audience
11:15 Mini Theme: Beyond the Burn
Complexities in Return to Work After a Burn; Who is at risk of difficulties in return to work; How can the acute care team assist in planning a return to work; How do patients integrate back into work life; Impact of addictions in return to work; How to measure success in return to work
Moderators: Matt Boyle, Janna DiPinto, Sulaye Thakrar
12:15 Lunch
13:15 Rehab Medicine Breakout session Room 106
Dennis Johnston, Lisa Forbes, Lisa Lazzarotto
Moderator: Matthew Godleski
13:30 Overview of the Burn Therapist Certified (BT-C) Program
Lisa Forbes
13:45 Updates in Burn Recovery: Review of Recent Noteworthy Publications
Matthew Godleski
14:15 The Use of Laser Therapy in Burn Rehabilitation
Lisa Lazzarotto
14:30 Small Group Discussions: Challenging Cases
13:15 Mini Theme: First Responders
Sarvesh Logsetty,Thomas Flamm, Ken Webb
13:15 Shift work and Sleep
David Rainey
14:15 Invited Speaker: Blood Conservation in Burn Care
Blaine Kent & Heather Mingo
14:45 Break
15:00 Invited Speaker: “Use of technology to advance wound care”
Karen Cross

15:30 Top Abstracts
Moderators: Jack Rasmussen, Sebastien Vrouwe, Claudia Malic

  1. Exploring the development of a Canadian Frostbite Care Network and the future of frostbite care in Canada
    Malcolm Davidson
  2. The crosstalk between adipose-derived stromal vascular fraction and human keratinocytes enhances wound closure
    Raouf Afshin
  3. Using acute change in qSOFA score as a prognostic tool for diagnosing sepsis in the burn patient
    Emma Avery
  4. Local immune activation is regulated by adipocytes in response to burns
    Lauar B. Monteiro
  5. Cellular Senescence: A Target for Post-burn Wound Healing in Elderly
    Sara Faour
  6. Frostbite in the pediatric population: a comprehensive review of the literature and practice trends in Canada
    Jamilah Temfack-Pouoh
  7. ORAL6 Rehabilitation Outcomes Following Electrical Injury: A Canadian Comparison Between Severity, and High- and Low-Voltage Injuries
    Lletta Lewis
16:15 CBA Business Meeting, Closing Remarks and Outlook to 2023
Sarvesh Logsetty & Jack Rasmussen